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                                  Restaurant List 

Pasadena: Bistro Mon Cheri, Bacchus' Kitchen, El Cholo,  El Portal, Go China,The Kitchen, Luciano's, Maestro, Slater's 50/50, Stoney Point, Tibet Nepal House, We Olive  South Pasadena: Aro, La Fiesta Grande, Radhika  East San Gabriel Valley  Cafe Mundial, Grano, Los Gueros, Matt Denny's, The Derby   



Bacchus' Kitchen
1384 E Washington Blvd.
(corner of Hill)
626-594 -6377


" One of Pasadena' very best " (yelp)

" Beautiful classy, casual restaurant " (tripadvisor)

" Beautiful classy, casual restaurant " (yelp)

A charming neighborhood restaurant, featuring an acclaimed chef,  serving world class food in a rustic brick walled setting. This charming, yet casual restaurant, features the cuisine of acclaimed chef/owner Claud Beltran. An alumnus of Thomas Keller (that most prestigious of culinary pedigrees ), Claud  remains faithful to Keller's teachings and skillfully executes them  - fine ingredients, simple food, superb preparation - classic American cuisine at its best.

Total bill discounted by 15%

Bistro Mon Cheri
950 East Colorado Blvd. Suite 204

" A hidden gem"  (yelp)

" Amazing food " (tripadvisor)

" Well worth multiple visits" (tripadvisor)

What's going on at this little restaurant with the rave reviews? It doesn't neatly fit into any one category. If you had to apply a label it might be "Asian fusion with French/American influences" - but it would be silly to try. Starters can mean angus beef with lemongrass wrapped in wild betel leaf or a shrimp bundled Vietnamese summer roll dipped in sweet chili sauce. Main courses include: Pepper Mignon Steak, Crispy Sakana (white fish with ropongi spicy aioli) and Wagyu Beef Pho. 

Bistro Mon Cheri is a family affair - the creation of acclaimed chefs Kimmy Tang and Chris Nguyen (her nephew). They have created a unique Pasadena dining destination, well worthy of a visit.

Total bill discounted by 15%

El Cholo
300 E Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena 626-795-5800
(in The Paseo 2nd level)

Through four generations, El Cholo has delighted people with its superb cuisine and legendary margaritas. Set above Colorado Blvd. in the Pasadena Paseo, it offers some of Pasadena's finest al fresco dining on its spacious patios and inside there's an inviting atmosphere of a grand hacienda. Simply said. El Cholo offers one of the finest Mexican dining experiences anywhere.

Discount: 15% off your party's check - valid for lunch or dinner

Parking Tip

El Cholo validates for 90 minutes at the structure on Marengo between Colorado and Green (entrance on Green). Park on an upper level and stroll across the elevated walkway over Marengo right to El Cholo.

El Portal
695 E Green St.
Pasadena 626-795-8553
(in Arcade Lane across from Pasadena Playhouse)

El Portal invites you to join them for a taste of the authentic flavors of the Mayan region of the Yucatan and the most popular dishes of Mexico. There's a warm, comfortable, family atmosphere - a little hacienda with brick walls, fireplace, fiesta colors and a charming courtyard for al fresco dining. A multiple winner of "Best Mexican Restaurant" in Pasadena and "Best selection of premium tequilas and margaritas"

Maximum value of complimentary entree $9.00
Maximum total discount party of 4 or more $16.00

Go China
136 N. Lake
Pasadena 626-793-3888

Here's an upscale Chinese restaurant with very reasonable prices. Seafood lovers will enjoy the Triple Delight on a Sizzling Hot Plate (a tempting array of shrimp, beef and chicken) and the Seafood Hot Pot (shrimp, crab & scallops). The Orange Beef and Orange Chicken are particularly good here. Wine and beer served and there's plenty of free parking off Mentor Ave between Walnut and Union.

Note: Your card is valid for up to 8 people. It's not valid for reservations in the private dining room. It's not valid for the Family Dinner or Single Combo menu.

Your party's bill will be reduced by 20%

The Italian Kitchen
78 West Union St.
Old Pasadena 626-796-9802

Things we like about the Italian Kitchen:

. Background music is Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.
. Atmosphere with red checked tablecloths, soft lighting and natural brick.
. Great Italian food and perhaps the best pizza in Pasadena.
. The owners (Stephanie and Stacy) greet you at the door, and even bring your food !
. Prices are incredibly reasonable.

Maximum value of complimentary entree $8.00
Maximum total discount (party of 4 or more) $13.00
Pizza orders discounted by 20%

117 W California Blvd.
Pasadena 626- 440-0673
Located in the NE corner of the Orangewood Shopping
Center across from Huntington Hospital

"Delicious authentic Italian cuisine" (yelp)
"I love everything about this place" (yelp)
"Best Italian food in Pasadena" (tripadvisor)

A little, family owned gem that serves some of Pasadena's best Italian food. For 17 years, chef and owner, Luciano Santoro, has been preparing classic Southern Italian cuisine. Luciano is a native of Rome and his family's recipes are old world delicious. Sauces are made from scratch each day, portions are large and prices very reasonable. It's a throwback to a simpler and more delicious time - even the parking is easy and free.

15% discount on check
Valid for lunch and dinner

110 W Union St.
Old Pasadena

"This is Mexican food taken to a whole level" (yelp)

"Reminds me of gourmet restaurants in Mexico City" (tripadvisor)

Perhaps the best way to understand Maestro is to imagine that you are on a tour of gourmet restaurants in Mexico City. You would inevitably discover a restaurant similar to Maestro and be thrilled. Maestro brings the modern gourmet Mexican dining experience to Pasadena, skillfully expressing the traditional flavors of Mexico combined with the finest local ingredients.

15% discount on check
Valid for dinner / Sun. - Thurs.

Slater's 50/50
61 N Raymond Ave
Old Pasadena 626- 765-9700

"Consistently awesome food" (yelp)

"Highly recommended" (tripadvisor)

"These burgers are amazing"

Perhaps the best gourmet burger place anywhere. Starting with the iconic 50/50 burger (50% choice beef/50% bacon) the menu offers a startling selection of the best burgers you've ever tasted. If that's not enough, you can pick your dream burger ingredients and Slater's will prepare your custom burger to perfection. There are also daily pasta, poultry and seafood specials - so the burger lover and burger agnostic can dine happily together. The setting is comfortable and convivial accented with early 20th century alehouse decor.

15% discount on check at dinner (any night)

Stoney Point  
1460 W Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena 626-449-9715

A charming hideaway that the LA Times describes s "Comfortable and clubby with great food " The prestigious Gayet Dining Guide echoes the Times in complimenting the restaurant's "Excellent continental cuisine". The food is indeed excellent and the atmosphere perfect for a special evening.

Maximum value of complimentary entree $12.00
Maximum total discount (party of 4 or more) $18.00
LUNCH DISCOUNT 15% (valid for parties of 4 or less)

Tibet Nepal House  
36 E Holly St.
Pasadena 626-585-0955

"Delicious, totally different food" (tripadvisor)

"It was truly a feast" (tripadvisor)

"5 stars" (yelp)

If there's an ounce of foodie adventurer in you , consider a visit to Tibet Nepal House. This little gem has been serving authentic Himalayan cuisine since 2001. They use only the finest herbs and spices to create the distinctive tastes and flavors of this delicious cuisine. People come from all over Southern California for this dining experience. Highly recommended !

Valid for dinner any evening - 15% off the food portion of check

We Olive  
32 E Colorado Blvd.
Old Pasadena 626-787-1000

"I love this place" (yelp)

"Beautiful patio" (tripadvisor)

A foodie paradise - a wonderful combination of restaurant, wine bar and gourmet food shop. The dining experience is best described as delicious lite dining - choose from a selection of gourmet salads, sandwiches, flatbreads, cheese and charcuterie plates and tapas. The wine bar offers an impressive selection of small production California vineyards and as the name implies, you'll find an amazing array of California olive oils. There's alfresco dining as well on the attractive patio. A perfect place to enjoy good food, fine wine and even bring some delicious edibles home.  

15% discount on any wine, food or retail purchase. Valid any time


1039 Mission St.
South Pasadena 626-799-2200

Cordero Parrilla

Rosemary marinated rack of lamb/mashed cauliflower

"Great food - flavor, flavor, flavor" (yelp)
"WOW" (yelp)

If you want to know what fusion cuisine is supposed to be - at its very best - visit Aro. Here you'll find a glorious mix of Mexican, South American and Indian flavors and accents. Rocio Camacho, widely acclaimed as LA's queeen of moles, creates the moles and other intriguing sauces that make Aro's cuisine so delicious. You'll also find great ambience, a good wine list and a full bar featuring 30 tequila and mezcal selections.

Discount 20% on food
Valid for dinner, lunch and Sunday Brunch

La Fiesta Grande 
1107 Mission Street
South Pasadena 626-441-6217

Best Margaritas in the S. G. Valley

Great Mexican food and justly famous for their margaritas. People come from all over for the Taco Bar For Two - an all you can eat feast of warm tacos and all the fixings. Seafood lovers will enjoy the Shrimp Fajitas and the Snapper La Fiesta.

Maximum value of complimentary entree $10
Maximum total discount (party of 4 or more) $18
Lunch discount 15%

966 Mission ST.
South Pasadena 626-799-2200

"One of the best Indian restaurants in L A" (tripadvisor)
"By far the best Indian food I've had" (yelp)
"It's amazing" (yelp)

The reviews say it all - superb Indian food and great service. Located across from the farmer's market in South Pasadena.

Discount 20% on food plus
complimentary desserts for your party


Cafe Mundial
514 South Myrtle Ave
Monrovia 626-303-2233

Zagat rated for over a decade, Cafe Mundial has deservedly earned a reputation as one of the best date restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley. Superb food, service and a charming setting in an historical building make it the perfect spot for a special evening out. There's a good wine list, full bar and prices are surprisingly reasonable.


$10 on any check between $40-$80 (exclusive of tax & tip)
$18 on any check over $80
Note: check must be at least $40 to receive any discount

1028 Huntington Dr.
Duarte 626-357-3938

An amazing restaurant discovery that serves what may be the most authentic Italian cuisine in the San Gabriel Valley. The creation of two recent immigrants from Naples - Fabrizio (son) cooks with remarkable skill and flair - homemade pastas, delicious sauces, perfectly prepared meat and seafood. His father Maurizio manages the small dining room with genuine warmth and charm - albeit with limited English, which only reinforces the lovey feeling that you are dining in a small, family owned restaurant in Italy.


15 % on any check (lunch or dinner)

Los Gueros
313 West Huntington Dr.
Monrovia 626-358-0200

A little restaurant with a big heart and worthy of attention. Los Gueros features some of the best Mexican food you'll find anywhere. Salsa and tortillas are made right in the restaurant and guacamole is made from scratch. Prices are very reasonable for food of this quality.

Party of 2 or 3 lesser priced entree reduced by $9.00
Party of 4 or more max. discount $15.00
LUNCH DISCOUNT 15% off food portion of bill

Matt Denny's
145 East Huntington Dr
Arcadia 626-462-0250

A classy, convivial and comfortable place. There's a great selection of classic pub fare and as well great upscale dining choices as well - Rack of Lamb with rosemary demiglaze. New York Steak with bourbon peppercorn sauce, Filet Mignon with a mushroom cabernet sauce and Salmon with a cream creole sauce - to name just a few. There's a full bar, a good wine list and over a dozen beers on tap. A unique place that manages to be a comfortable neighborhood place and a very good restaurant

Maximum value of complimentary entree $10
Maximum total discount (party of 4 or more) $18
LUNCH DISCOUNT 15% off total bill

The Derby
233 E Huntington Drive
Arcadia 626-447-8173

Simply a remarkable dining experience. You won't find a better, more classic American restaurant. Superb food, wonderful atmosphere and top notch service. A visit to the Derby is certainly a splurge, but totally worth it and for a special occasion evening it can't be topped.


$10.00 on any check between $40 - $80
$20 on any check between $80 - $160
$40 on any check over $160
Valid for lunch as well

Using Your Card


Note: Your card and directory will be mailed to you within 3 days of purchase

Your card is valid thru December 30 2020

Just include your Nite On The Town Card when you pay your check.You can visit each restaurant up to three times for dinner during the calendar year. On each visit your card will be marked and your bill adjusted for the appropriate discount. SEE the listing of restaurants for specific discount details for each restaurant.  

Certain restaurants honor the card for unlimited lunch visits. These restaurants are indicated in the Restaurant Listing section.

Card is valid any day except for a few exceptions. These are noted (if applicable) under the individual restaurant's listing. In addition there are the following days on which the card is not valid: Mothers Day, Valentines, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve, Easter, Fathers Day and for certain special menus and events (e.g. wine dinners) and prix fixe dinners that the restaurants may occasionally host or offer.